Our Outreach team in Virginia needs your help in gathering supplies to help families in need. Basic baby formula for premature babies, clothing, and other items related to premature babies are in high demand. Make your contribution now.


Pprom isn't bias, which is why our mission year-round gets so much attention. Devote an afternoon to visit a local NICU and see first-hand the families we can help. What is PPROM.......

Deborah Carpenter

Outreach Coordinator


WD Racing, Inc. wants to create a battle flag that we will be taking to all events to include races. This flag will be material supplied by parents or family members who want to remember a baby that has earned their wings. The material must be a 8"x 8" piece of material of your choice. Please send to us at:

P.O. Box 13

Church Road, Virginia, 23833

​for more info please email us at wdracing13@gmail.com

OVER 110 FAMILIES FROM 21 COUNTRIES and 32 U.S. States and growing.

Locally, nationally and internationally, WD Racing is a vocal advocate for the babies without a voice. We reach out to every family from every corner of the globe to help them through a dark time due to an early pregnancy.

  • Annual Hospital Toy Drives
  • Annual March of Dimes Fundraiser.
  • Raising Funds for Cuddle Cots 

Kacie Moore

Event Coordinator

What the WD Racing Team has been up to since 2015


WD Racing is more than a race team! We have taken our tragedy and turned it into a fuel to help others. We participate in fundraisers to assist in the research for a stem cell patch to end PPROM, We spread awareness by attending multiple events throughout the year such as car shows, corporate events, March of Dime walks, Races, Fairs and much more. We want to reach more families so that we may reach out through support both mentally and physically. Please click on READ MORE to see our story and how we began our journey.

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For more than 100 families worldwide, WD Racing has devoted its energy to passionately remember and honor their children that have either lost or suffer from the battle of being born premature.  Find out how you can contribute to the future of a family in need through monetary donations and/or volunteering your time. 

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Brandy Lynn

Wife/Best Friend

Vice President

  • Reaching Families all over the world
  • Annual Support a Family Fundraiser
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