Our Story

        WD Racing was started in March of 2015 shortly after the loss of our twin boys Waylon and Dean. My wife had what is known as PPROM (Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes), the rupture of membranes that protects a baby while in the womb. The rupture of membranes usually leads to an early delivery date. My wife Brandy was placed on bed rest for 7 weeks prior being admitted to St. Mary’s hospital where a sepsis set in forcing her to deliver Waylon and Dean at week 25. Waylon was the first to arrive but passed shortly before we had a chance to hold him. Dean stayed with us for 10 days before going into septic shock and passing on March 15, 2015. Waylon and Dean came into the world at 13 inches long weighing less than 2 lbs. Dean was placed in bed # 13 while in the NICU at St. Mary Hospital and he passed away at 7:33 PM on a Sunday.

The number 13 is a number that was constantly seen during this hard time and still seen today but as 7:33. This led to the number 13 being the number on car I race today.


I decided to finish building the Legend car and race it instead of selling the car. Before I knew it WD Racing was on the move. I decided to group up with March of Dimes and support PPROM/PROM AWARENESS to spread the word that there are ways to help others and support the cause to prevent PPROM.  I started to raise money through fundraisers and other events for March of Dimes, who provides the training on advanced equipment in the NICU and also provides the means for new research to prevent premature births and deaths among infants.


We do this for the families who are hurting and the babies that need someone to help their fight. My boys did not die with their last breath; they gave me life with my next. There are baby names around my car not only for the world to see but for the families to know that we care and that we want to help them heal. We want families to know that there are others to talk to and ways to keep your child an everyday thought instead of a memory.  PPROM on Facebook is a great source to find families that can help each other. WD Racing will continue to grow and we will continue to help others along the way. We seek sponsors to help us maintain our path as we do work off the track more than we do work on the track. We look forward to a bigger and better year in 2019 as WD Racing will help more and keep the light burning bright.